Sony says the PS5 stock crisis is at an end

Sony has said the PS5 stock shortage is officially over, ending a long-standing crisis that made it difficult to find the console almost anywhere. Who announced as Sony’s press conference at CES 2023 last week?

If this statement is true, it’s certainly good news. Because that means consumers need to start seeing the PS5 and PS5 digital editions hitting stores. Wherever you buy your gaming hardware and software, it looks like the PS5 will be on the list of available items in the near future.

Even before the PS5 launched in 2020, Sony was candid about its inventory status. This was further hampered by the pandemic that caused many problems for supply chains across the industry. Is that nightmare finally over? Sony thinks so.

PS5 stock shortages may continue

If Sony says the shortage is over, it’s likely to be over, or soon. Sony bases its statement on the fact that the company had a very successful PS5 sales month in December.

In fact, it wasn’t just a “good month”, it was the best month for PS5 sales since launch. Not only is this impressive, but it’s also exciting for those still looking. That said, just because Sony has had its best month with PS5 sales doesn’t mean there will be consoles in stores right now.

However, if you haven’t purchased it yet, be careful. With Sony hitting record sales numbers for the PS5 console and claiming the worst shortage is now behind us all, it won’t be long before stocks normalize and we’ll wait for a restock. I hope this will no longer be necessary.

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