Some Fitbit devices are failing to sync with Samsung smartphones running Android 13

Fitbit is aware of this issue, has a workaround, and is updating the app in early 2023.

Samsung’s One UI 5 update based on Android 13 has been rolling out to a number of smartphones over the past month, and for the most part things look good. and Fitbit Luxe owners have a unique issue that prevents their devices from syncing. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big problem, but Fitbit seems to be aware of it and has a fix planned.

Samsung users have reported being unable to sync their devices online, but perhaps the most important post can be found on our moderated Fitbit community forums where a fix has been made available to affected users. Below is a message from moderator LizzyFitbit addressing this issue.

“Thank you for the detailed information and the steps you tried before posting. We are pleased to inform you that we have identified the root cause of the bug and are working on a fix that will be released in an app update in early 2023.”

As you can imagine, this is a scary problem, especially if you recently bought a Fitbit or was gifted it during the holidays. There aren’t many that have There is a workaround suggested by another moderator, JuanFitbit, but it’s probably not the most convenient option for most people.

The workaround for now appears to be to instruct users to use another mobile device, install the Fitbit app, and sync with that device for the time being. If this is something you can do, why not try it. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until early 2023 when an app update is released to fix the issue.

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