Some Android Auto users are experiencing a strange “Searching for GPS” Google Maps bug

Over the past few days, some users have been having issues with Google Maps on Android Auto. 9to5Google reports. Affected users will see “Searching for GPS” in Android Auto.

Android Auto ‘searching for GPS’ issue surfaced

Affected users took it to Reddit, Please express your frustration with this issue and look for a solution in the Google support forums. Interestingly, the issue started appearing in the last few days, but for some users it started a few weeks ago. am. Affected users reported that the problem occurs when the phone’s screen is off, basically sleeping.

On Reddit, we found some workarounds that may work for some of the affected users. One is to change the Google Maps location permission to “always” instead of “only while using the app”. Some have suggested that turning off “optimized battery usage” might remedy the problem.

Overall, these workarounds do not exactly fix the situation. At this time, Google has yet to acknowledge a widespread problem.

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