Solar-Powered Water Purifier : Stil Water Purifier

A low-cost home device, Stil™ has revolutionized the use of the sun’s energy to purify dirty water into safe drinking water. Dirty water is her leading cause of death for children under five in developing countries, and diarrhea alone killed more than 370,000 of her in Asia last year. Stil™ has the potential to save over 2,000 lives a day, worldwide.

Dirty water is boiled and using sunlight magnified through a domed Fresnel lens the steam is condensed into pure drinking water. Its sustainable bamboo composite material can hold up to 12L of water, providing a healthy intake for a family of 6. The sleek design and detachable construction make it easy to clean, use it with snap-on metal legs, or place it on a sunny outdoor table.

Focusing on issues such as gender inequality, environmental impact and political issues, designer Hans Ramzan created Stil™ to make a positive impact on society.

Image Credit: Still

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