Solar power generation on the windows sill? – Kickstarter project “Fensterkraftwerk” enables everyone to generate power

A window generator should be easy to install, plug and play, and allow anyone to install a small solar system in their window without having access to a roof or balcony.

Berlin, Germany, January 30, 2023 ( – Berlin, 31. January 2023, the Kickstarter project “Fensterkraftwerk” aims to create a product that allows anyone to install their own generator in a window sill.

For this project, special solar panels that fit ideally on window frames and window frames, special mounting kits that can be installed without tools or drilling holes, special combination boxes that can connect up to 4 solar modules, and extra small claims to have developed a micro panel of Grid tie inverter up to 300Wp.

A minimum configuration of 40Wp can charge a mobile phone or tablet, while a maximum configuration of 300Wp can generate up to 280 kWh per year, equivalent to 10%-20% of your annual electricity bill. A smart electricity meter allows you to monitor your energy production via an app.

Project founder Christian Richter said: Directing the windows in the sunny direction yields 100 Wp per window, and multiple windows can be combined to yield more. ”

The project is still running for about 14 days and is looking for more backers. Each backer can choose a window generator pledge of their preferred size.

On his YouTube channel, Christian shows his window generators in action and provides detailed information on how they are constructed and mounted on windows. Provides background information.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter page is currently written primarily in German, but the project’s founders promised to provide more English content in the coming days and weeks.

Supporting projects and receiving pledges is currently only possible within the European Union.

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