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Boston, Massachusetts, January 4, 2023 ( – Deliver quality software while accelerating time to value and time to market. Visible Systems Corporation’s Razor provides complete automation, accountability, and enforcement of the software development process. Compliant with NIST 800-53 and ISO 27002 – All activity is maintained for “snapshot” delivery and audit purposes.

Razor’s unique value proposition is that it can be easily customized to fit your software quality control and assurance processes. Some customers have fewer steps to distribute their software, while others require more steps to configure their software distribution. Accelerate time to value by delivering the right software the first time through Razor’s four levels of analytics.

– Level 1: Explanation – Hindsight (what happened?)
– Level 2: Diagnostics – Monitoring (What’s happening?)
– Level 3: Prediction – Prediction (What will happen?)
– Level 4: Normative – Insight (How to optimize what happens?)

Razor contains:

– Process and workflow management. The standard processes included can be customized as follows:
Required; security and usage access management. signature chain; detailed audit history;
Notification by email due to events or process conditions. Support team collaboration.
When management decided it was time to understand us
An ad-hoc software release process at best, Visible’s Razor
The system was chosen to get the job done.

– Issue/problem/defect tracking.The problem is a user, user group, file operation, or
Release; Approved task list allows developers to focus on solution and results.

– Version control and change control. Track who changed what, when and why.
Link process rules to ensure quality and seamless change management. All integrated.
Place it appropriately inside your own git repository.

– Release management. Release conditions are easy to set.Release definition is archived
It can be rebuilt in the future. Link process rules to release conditions to
Enforce the necessary controls.

– scripts. Razor can adapt workflow definition and customization through rules
Basic and proprietary scripting capabilities supported on Windows or Linux.


– Razor is an effective management tool with the ability to manage and track changes
The entire software development lifecycle.
– Razor provides integrated issue and issue tracking, version control, and release management
For customized software configuration management processes.
– Configurable for specific development and delivery processes.
– Easily scale across the life cycle of programs, projects, epics and stories.
– Sprint Boards built for Agile projects track sprint progress across applications in Razor
Trilogy (issue, version, and baseline).
– Simplify the generation of release notes and development/support metrics.
– Advanced encryption for working in a secure closed environment.
– Rapid implementation and deployment.
– Extremely easy to learn and use.

Example of use: Agile or traditional software development, document management/management, issues, defects, issue tracking, version control, source version control, change management, configuration management, software configuration management, software process management, DevOps automation, release management, software quality assurance.

User story: “Razor provides tools for implementing a consistent software release process across all software products, providing both local and remote developers with a standard method of software development. Release tracking for warranty returns. It offers the possibility and the release can be asked at the click of a button.”

Senior Software Engineer
car manufacturing

It runs with the following system configuration:

It runs on Windows 7-11 (Desktop), Server 2016-2019 (64-bit) and uses the .NET 4.X framework.

An open-source file revision engine available for Linux. Linux runs on Ubuntu 20, RHEL 7/8, and CENTOS 7/8 (EG, 3.X, 4.X, or 5.X 64-bit kernels) using MONO.

Industry-specific applications Software development: pharmaceutical, synthetic biology, aerospace, scientific research, defense, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software, cloud technology, EV manufacturing, testing, 3D printing, simulators, radar systems, sensor technology, satellite technology, battery technology, automotive technology.

Background: For over 25 years, Razor has brought people, products, and services together through software. Its largest software development projects include Boeing, Continental, Vitesco, NASA, NOAA, NAVY, and many other well-known organizations around the world. NASA uses Razor for checkout and launch control systems during the Space Shuttle Program to measure 40,000 temperatures, readings, flow rates, turbine speeds, voltages, valves, switches, and more for ground support and communication We designed a console that This Software Development This effort required the collaboration of 200 software developers.

Razor uniquely adapts to the way an organization works and can fit into any process in action. This eliminates the painful organizational changes that typically result from software automation efforts.

For more information on Razor, please visit

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John Nash
24 School Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02108

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