Smartproxy introduces HTTPS and SOCKS5 for residential and mobile proxies

London, United Kingdom June 7, 2023 ( – Smartproxy, a well-known provider of cutting-edge proxy and web scraping solutions, has announced the addition of HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols to its residential and mobile proxies. HTTPS and SOCKS5 offer possibilities for users seeking increased security, higher levels of anonymity, improved firewall evasion, and access to blocked or restricted content.

Previously, Smartproxy offered only SOCKS5 IP type options for dedicated data center proxies. Smartproxy now integrates HTTPS and SOCKS5 into its residential and mobile proxies, allowing customers to maximize the potential of these protocols, which are known for their superior performance and versatility.

An HTTPS proxy provides strong end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data exchanged between clients and servers is securely encrypted and protected from eavesdropping. On the other hand, SOCKS5 allows users to enjoy even faster proxy speeds and reliability. Because SOCKS5 works with a variety of protocols, it is compatible with a wide variety of applications and systems, giving you the flexibility to leverage its benefits across multiple devices and platforms.

Users can select HTTPS or SOCKS5 option for residential and mobile proxy plans in Smartproxy dashboard. The most common use cases for HTTPS proxies include general web browsing with enhanced security for accessing HTTP/HTTPS websites. SOCKS5 proxies, on the other hand, are commonly used for streaming web content, accessing restricted websites, and sharing files via peer-to-peer technology.

To see the benefits of Smartproxy’s HTTPS and SOCKS5 compliant residential and mobile proxy, visit the Smartproxy website.

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