Smart Home Power Stations : gendome home 3000

Gendome Home 3000 is a smart backup power station for your home. The station is currently taking pre-orders as part of consumer electronics company Gendome’s crowdfunding campaign on his Indiegogo. The company claims that this is one of the smartest and most reliable power plants on the market, as it can monitor weather phenomena in real time and notify users of possible upcoming power outages.

The Gendome Home 3000 is scheduled to launch in March 2023 and comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty to protect consumers from manufacturing defects. With a capacity of 3,072Wh, this power station can power countless devices in your home for extended periods of time. The device is charged with up to 3,000W AC input or 1,500W solar and wind input, which can charge the device up to 80% in just 50 minutes.

Gendome is also equipped with Home 3000 with Google Next and Amazon Alexa capabilities, making it fully compatible with the ecosystem.

Image Credit: Gendome

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