Smart doubles SIMs registrations – Mobile World Live

PLDT’s mobile division, Smart Communications, has doubled its SIM registrations since early January, bringing the total number to over 10 million, including prepaid, postpaid and corporate customers.

Almost a quarter of the 2 million postpaid subscribers were enrolled by January 15th. Prepaid numbers reached 9.4 million out of a total of 66.6 million. About 182,000 corporate customers are registered.

Smart Communications recorded a total of 5.2 million registrations by January 2nd, less than a week after the SIM registration portal went live.

In a tweet, the operator advised subscribers to register their SIMs to combat online scammers and predators.

Globe Telecom recorded 8.8 million SIMs registered. That’s his 10% of 87.9 million subscribers, according to National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) data.

Dito Telecommunity reported 13.3% of total registered subscribers, or 1.7 million.

According to NTC data, 12.2% of the country’s 169 million subscribers are registered.

Registration deadline is April 26th.

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