Smart-Designed Tower Fans : Tower Fan

Xiaomi has released its latest smart technology tower fan, the Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2. The fan design presents a lean tower aesthetic, with his 0.6m ultra-long air outlets that support 150° ultra-wide-angle air delivery.

Mijia Tower Fan 2 consists of 10 sections of cross-flow windmills. There are 35 drum blades per section and 350 fan blades that cut the airflow at the same time. This creates a soft breeze with an air volume of 494m3/h. The fan tower has his three modes: natural wind, direct wind and lying wind. These functions can be controlled via the Mijia App or the buttons on the tower fan. It also includes several different sweep angles that can be adjusted in the app. The Tower Fan is available for $319 in RMB.

Image Credit: Xiaomi

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