Slack is back up, after breaking conversations for workplace teams everywhere

Slack not working properly this morning? You’re not alone

Whether they’re working from home or back in the office, millions of people rely on Slack to help them communicate and coordinate with their colleagues. Messaging His platform has become such a central part of the workflow for so many people that few know what to do when Slack goes down. Unfortunately, Slack had an incident today where conversation threads weren’t loading properly.


Shortly after 11:00 AM ET, Slack notified the user that they were aware of a problem with the thread. Few details were shared initially, and we found that the service was unable to properly update the list of threads with new messages that had not yet been seen, and that users were unaware of recent changes.

Refreshing the page seemed to give some relief, but as we investigated the issue, Slack kept reporting the ongoing issue for hours.

As of 12:45 PM ET, Slack indicates everything is back to normal. The company hasn’t provided any further insight into what went wrong, and says users should try a hard refresh if the glitch is still there.

Updated: 2023/01/24 1:18 EST, Stephen Schenk

slack update

Slack reports that the incident is now resolved.

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