Silicon Valley Workers Are Using Blind to Speculate About Layoffs

There is an increasingly popular professional networking site, but it’s not LinkedIn.

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A Silicon Valley employee signed up for Blind, an anonymous community app for the workplace. Thousands of people are using the service to speculate about job cuts and offer comforting words amid recent layoffs, reports CNN.

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About 6,000 Microsoft employees signed up for the app in the week before the company publicly announced it would cut 10,000 jobs, and according to internal data Blind shared with the outlet, Meta and Google each lost tens of thousands. We are registering 100 verified workers in the app.

As of April 2022, Blind, which launched in the US in 2014, already has more than 5 million verified employees discussing policies with employers, according to CNBC. Indeed’s former CHRO Paul Wolfe said the outlet Blind is “more conversational” than his Indeed and Glassdoor, which could result in more “bashing at companies.”

Blind co-founder and chief business officer Kyum Kim told CNN: “Because when employees talk to each other at work, they can’t speak honestly. And they have to always be self-conscious about what their boss thinks or what other people think.” .”

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A recent post about the app from someone who claims to be a current Amazon employee details the lessons they learned when they were fired from Uber at the start of the pandemic and how they overcame feelings of failure. I’m explaining. It has about 100,000 views.

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