Shenzhen Oyea Machinery Co., Ltd How to choose CNC leather cutting machine?

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Bisbee, AZ, January 28, 2023 ( – In today’s society, CNC cutting machines are essential production equipment for many manufacturing enterprises. Recently, many bosses sent me personal messages saying that they were not satisfied with the equipment they purchased after using it for a period of time. what should i do?How to choose the right cutting machine

This issue has created a big problem for the company. For companies, the wrong choice of paper cutting machine can lead to big losses.

Today I will show you how to choose the right cutting machine in 6 steps.

1. Choose the correct machine model

In order to select the equipment for the cutting machine, we first have to decide what kind of equipment to choose based on the material to be cut, the thickness, and the cutting quality. The first step is to choose the type of cutting machine, such as blade cutting machine or laser cutting machine. The criterion is which machine is most suitable for the material to be cut.

2. Choose the right configuration

Then select the most suitable equipment according to the special process and processing requirements of the products to be cut. Particular attention should be paid to the cutting thickness of the material product determines the choice of machine, and the specific configuration of the CNC cutting machine is important. When choosing a knife cutter, you should also consider what cutter head to choose for cutting different materials.

3. Stability inspection of machine tools

Machine tools are an important part of cutting machines. After choosing the model and configuration, you should start inspecting the quality of the cutting machine offered by the manufacturer. Mainly machine tool structure configuration, guide rail quality and motor. The quality of these parts determines the accuracy of the cutting equipment and the quality of the products produced.

4. Ensure the stability of the CNC system

The stability of a CNC cutting machine system is very important. When a system is not stable enough and requires long-term repairs, it is a huge loss for both the cutting machine manufacturer and the company. Therefore, when purchasing a cutting machine, you should carefully consider whether the cutting machine system works stably.

5. Cut quality and cutting efficiency

Product cutting quality and cutting efficiency are top concerns for cutting machine users. It is not only the acceptance focus for users when purchasing a cutting machine, but also the standard for evaluating the quality of cutting machine equipment. For similar cutting machine hardware, the cutting machine efficiency and cut quality are determined by the software.

A complete cutting software package that improves cutting quality and accuracy and provides true intelligence and automation.

6. Save raw materials and improve work efficiency

This is an issue that companies pay more attention to. For a company to be profitable, it must minimize the consumption of raw materials. Therefore, a series of intelligent and interesting software programming is required to help customers save raw materials and maximize profits.

Taking leather as an example, if the cutting machine cannot cut with high efficiency and full automation, the cutting efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the waste of raw materials will lead to an increase in production costs. loss.

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