Shadow Of The Colossus Emulator Action On Android Is The Nostalgia We Need

A Redditor caught some screenshots of the PS2 Shadow Of The Colossus emulator showing the game running on a phone with a Snapdragon 855 processor. They report getting up to 60 fps at times during gameplay.

The post allowed users to take horse riding shots and some boss fights, so it’s clear they were in for a decent session.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Shadow of the Colossus is an action-adventure masterpiece. You play the role of a young Wonder who tries to revive a woman named Mono.

a voice told me to do it

A mysterious voice says that if you defeat the 16 colossal statues that roam the Forbidden Lands, you can bring things back to life. Always trust the strange voices heard in the ancient temples.

Gameplay focuses on Colossus bosses. It’s huge, so I don’t mind if you run up to it and hit it with a sword. If you want to defeat him one of these giants, you have to get very close and personal.

Battles require you to physically climb a giant creature and use a grip meter to measure how much of the creature’s fur you can hold onto.

Climb until you find one of several glowing marks on the monster’s body and drive your sword into it. Of course, giant monsters don’t like being stung and will try to throw you off.

Huge, deep, and full of hidden lore

The game was huge for its time and full of secrets. Nearly 20 years after it was first launched, its fan community still enthusiastically discusses theories and mining his data.

A remake of the game exists for the PlayStation 4, but if you want to play it on a regular console, it probably isn’t here.

If it’s a game you’ve never tried, I highly recommend giving it a try. And with Android devices offering better framerates than native consoles, Shadow Of The Colossus emulator gameplay might be the best way to experience it today.

If our gush didn’t convince you to hunt down 17-year-old PlayStation 2 games, there are a few games that work a little easier. Check out this week’s list of the best Android games.

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