Seamless Concession Platforms : Zippin Walk-Up

The Zippin Walk-Up aims to transform the traditional food concession stand experience into a more seamless, stress-free and accessible experience for all.

The Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team recently partnered with Zippin and Nationwide Arena to launch checkout-free shopping for fans with the help of the platform. The Zippin Walk-Up platform is now located inside the arena and used by Delaware North-operated Bread Financial Score & Go, allowing visitors to purchase soft drinks, water and beer quickly and easily.

“The Blue Jackets are thrilled to offer Nationwide Arena fans and guests a new fast-paced concession experience for fast-paced matches. We never miss a second,” said Blue Jackets. I’m Cameron Shorvin, Chief Operating Officer. ”

Digitizing traditional concession stands not only improves convenience and reduces long line-ups, but also ensures a more enjoyable and inclusive experience for those with mobility issues.

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