Scrcpy gets its clipboard mojo back with Android 13 devices

Copypasta magic between desktop and smartphone

Scrcpy (“screen copy” for you and me) has always been a nifty tool for those who want to interact with their Android device via the Android Debug Bridge protocol and record clips to their desktop client of choice. But the latest update is especially useful for those who own Android 13 devices and want to copy and paste text and images to and from their desktop.


Simply put, Android 13 changed how you sign off access to the device clipboard. Scrcpy had to change the way it called its access. The bug was first reported on his Pixel 6 Pro running QPR Beta 1 in mid-September (it’s now out as his Pixel Drop in December). paste.

However, the update itself took quite a while before v1.24 was released in April. Other items in the changelog (via XDA-Developers) include new menu shortcuts for Linux users, updates to the latest version of ADB Platform Tools for Windows, and fixes to how non-ASCII characters are displayed in window title bars. , and some fixes. others.

The last time we covered scrcpy was in June 2021, when it lost one of its more sneaky features: the ability to mirror app-protected screens with sensitive secure content like DRM and passcodes. was broken.

However, even if it doesn’t stream content between devices and apps in naughty ways it’s not supposed to, we still think it’s worth the download.

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