Satellite System Smartwatches : Amazfit GTR Mini

The Amazfit GTR Mini smartwatch is a Zepp Health-owned brand of thin and light wearables aimed at health-conscious consumers that help them track their performance in an intuitive way.

This smartwatch features a compact design with a 32.5mm OLED display in a 42mm case, a thickness of 9.25mm and a weight of 24.6 grams including the included silicone strap. The curved display has over 80 dials, and the 280mAh battery inside the watch can last 14 days in normal use and 20 days in battery saver mode.

Powered by a dual-core Huangshan 2S chip, the Amazfit GTR Mini smartwatch boasts a patented circularly polarized GPS antenna technology that links with 5 satellites to accurately track users.

Image Credit: Amazfit

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