Samsung Members app updated with new UI, Android 13 themed icon

Samsung is rolling out updates to the Samsung Members app. This update bumps the app version to his, which brings his redesigned UI and themed app icons to devices running Android 13 (One UI 5.0).

Android 13 introduced a feature called Theme App Icons. This feature changes the color of the app icons to the color of your phone’s wallpaper for a unified look across the UI. However, the app icon color will only change if the app developer adds support for it. Samsung in particular has been updating their apps one by one to support new features, and now the Samsung Members app also supports it.

Samsung has also redesigned some sections of the app.Previously, this section included[テストの表示]There was also a button that displayed all the tests that could be run. Samsung has removed that button. Now you have to click on the section to see the list of available tests.

In previous versions of the app, an ‘N’ badge was displayed when a new notification arrived. That N badge has been replaced by a dot. It’s much more elegant and in line with the design language of Android and One UI 5.0. Samsung has reorganized his Discover section of the app. Editor’s picks are now displayed below the top banner instead of perks that were pushed down on the page.

A new version of the Samsung Members app is available from the Galaxy Store. However, the company may offer an update through the Play Store soon. Did you spot any other new features in the updated version of the app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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