Samsung making XR device powered by Android and Qualcomm

In addition to the S23 and Galaxy Book 3 series, Samsung today announced that it is working on an “augmented reality” (XR) product with Google and Qualcomm.

Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon appeared at the end of Unpacked 2023 to talk about their partnership.

Samsung’s TM Roh told The Washington Post that the company is working on an XR and that it’s “not too far away.” So today he has no specific product announcements at Unpacked other than partnership news.

According to The Post, the company is collaborating with Google on software, specifically “an unreleased version of the Android operating system tailored for devices such as wearable displays.” Google uses the term ‘immersive computing’, but XR is a term particularly favored by Samsung.

We are excited to work with our partners to build a new generation of immersive computing experiences that will further improve what users can do with Google.

Google spokesperson

The chipset, on the other hand, is for Qualcomm, which just announced the Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 in November as a dedicated 4nm chip for augmented reality glasses. We also have his XR2 for both augmented and virtual reality headsets.

Samsung will also work with Meta and Microsoft in a “service partnership.”

We believe that the ecosystem has to be somewhat ready for the product to launch and for the product to be successful.

TM no

Given the current state of available technology, the first form factor could be a headset rather than glasses like the Meta Quest Pro or the rumored Apple headset.

Lockheimer talked about collaboration with Samsung on Google Meet and Messages, Wear OS and large-screen Android devices (tablet + foldable). A Google executive highlighted ARCore, Google Maps Live View his navigation, and Google Lens visual search, noting that these products are “a prelude to our long-term vision.”

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