Samsung is working on AR/VR headset based on Android, featuring Qualcomm chip

At the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event, where Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Book 3 lineup, the company also revealed that it is working with Google and Qualcomm on XR (Extended Reality) devices. The company hasn’t revealed its name, but has hinted that the device is coming soon.

Samsung’s upcoming XR wearable device aims to take on Apple’s rumored AR headset. The South Korean company’s XR headset is based on Google’s new version of Android, which uses a specialized processing chipset from Qualcomm and is designed with wearable devices in mind. The company revealed to the Washington Post that it is also partnering with Meta and Microsoft on this XR project.

Samsung’s XR headsets, built in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm, are coming soon

The boss of Samsung MX said that the platform and software are “somewhat ready” for the device to succeed. The South Korean company wants to avoid the failure of other brands that have entered the AR/VR/MR headset market by launching devices too early when the software isn’t ready.

As you may recall, Samsung launched its first VR headset, the Gear VR, in 2015. This was powered by Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones. After launching several versions of Gear VR, the company abandoned his VR headset lineup. The company then launched a standalone MR (Mixed Reality) headset for PC, but this was also discontinued.

Hopefully, partnering with Google, Qualcomm, and a few other brands will allow the company to succeed this time around and tackle Apple in the XR space in the years to come.

Samsung Gear VR

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