Samsung Internet gets new search, privacy features on Android beta

Tech giant Samsung has released a beta update to its web browser ‘Samsung Internet’ for Android devices. It offers new features to make browsing easier and safer for users.

The first feature gives users the ability to search through bookmark folders and tab groups in the browser, reports SamMobile.

In the updated version, users just type the bookmark or tab they want to find in the search box and the application finds it and displays it.

Another feature allows users to delete their browsing history within a designated timeline.

For example, if someone chooses to delete their browsing history within a week, the application will delete history from the last 7 days, but keep previous history.

Previously, deleting the entire browsing history was the only option.

These two features will be rolled out to the stable version of the application soon.

Meanwhile, last November, the company announced a new option to move the address bar of mobile web browsers to the bottom.


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