Samsung Galaxy A42 5G starts receiving Android 13 update in the US, but there’s a catch

of The Galaxy A42 5G is one of Samsung’s smartphones that is nearing EOL (end of life) status, but is not there yet. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, which was introduced in November 2020, has already received two major Android updates and is about to get the third update. This will probably be the last time.

Back in May, Galaxy A42 5G receives Android 12 update in US, another 5G smartphone Galaxy A71. Fast forward six months and the device will be eligible for another major software upgrade, Android 13.

The international version of the phone was already updated to Android 13 last month, so only US customers will get the update in January. However, if you own an unlocked Galaxy A42 5G, you may have to wait a little longer for Android 13 to arrive.

street SamMobile reports that only carrier-branded Galaxy A42 5G units currently get the Android 13 update in the US. Apparently, Samsung included his November 2022 security patch in the update, which is a little older than expected.

Users with carrier-bound Galaxy A42 5G devices should be notified when an update is available for download, so they don’t need to do anything before receiving the notification. Of course, you can also manually check for Android 13 by going to Settings/Software Updates/Downloads and Installations.

Galaxy A42 5G was pretty decent A 5G phone launched three years ago. However, the evolution of smartphones in the last few years has been tremendous, and it is difficult to call them mid-range machines anymore.

That said, if you still own the Galaxy A42 5G, you’re probably happy Samsung is giving users another major Android update, but you should consider switching to a new phone. there is.

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