Samsung exec teases two Ultra products coming to February’s Unpacked event


  • The head of Samsung’s MX business published a blog teasing some of the products that will appear in Samsung Unpacked.
  • This blog specifically mentions two premium devices.
  • Samsung’s Unpacked event is scheduled for February 1st.

There are only two weeks left until Samsung’s Unpacked event. As the big date approaches, one of his Samsung executives has teased a bit about what to expect from the show, including two premium devices.

Today, Dr. TM Roh, head of Samsung’s MX business, released a blog post on the company’s press site. This post will primarily focus on his innovations in mobile, what his Ultra brand means within the Galaxy portfolio, and other things you can expect to see on blogs like this leading up to the company’s big event. I guess.

But amid all the business talks on the blog, Roh sneaks in some interesting tidbits. Near the end of his blog, Roh states that Samsung will show off his two premium devices.

What are these two devices he’s talking about? Unfortunately, we can’t know for sure until the event happens, but we can guess.

In our blog, we talk about how we’ve integrated the Note experience with Ultra since S20. It was already expected that the Galaxy S23 series would be announced during the show. So one of the devices could be the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A little further down, Roh talks about the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The second device could be a brand new Galaxy tablet.

Do you think President Roh was making fun of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra? Or do you think he was making fun of something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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