Sacked Amazon India employee loses job shortly after father’s death

With the impending recession making its presence felt, massive global tech layoffs have left a dark cloud around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world remain unemployed as job cuts spill over into other sectors and tragic stories spread online. An Amazon employee shared a heartbreaking account from Gurugram after another software engineer heard the bad news around his birthday.

suffer back-to-back blows

Omprakash Sharma, who worked for the e-commerce giant for the past five years, was laid off as one of 1,000 Indian employees Amazon laid off. He added that in 2022, he was out of work for four months as his father was struggling in the ICU before he died from an illness. encourages his colleagues to stay positive and is determined to come back stronger.

Are your employees also plagued by layoffs?

Job cuts, part of Amazon’s move to lay off 18,000 people worldwide, affect only 1% of its workforce, but each story is heartbreaking. Stories shared on LinkedIn carry hysteria even among people with US work visas who have been laid off and borrowing time to find new jobs.People who still have jobs are worried because of the uncertainty at big tech companies, major entertainment companies and investment banks.

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