RT-RK announces LAVA: a tool for generating Android APIs for accessing ADAS functions

Novi SAD, Serbia, January 4, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — RT-RK, a leading embedded software developer, has announced the launch of its latest product, LAVA. LAVA is an innovative software tool that enables access to ADAS functionality from Android Automotive.

Android Automotive is currently the fastest growing IVI platform aiming to dominate the automotive industry for the long term. However, its full potential will not be realized until automotive-centric applications are enabled at scale and require deeper integration between ADAS and IVI. RT-RK leverages its prominence in both domains to enable service-oriented communication between ADAS and Android using SOME/IP or DDS control protocols, and to access ADAS functionality from Android apps. Develop tools to generate all the Android APIs and services you need. LAVA enables the development of complex use cases such as retrieving various car settings via voice commands, video calling using DMS cameras, rendering autopilot computer vision in the head unit, coaching drivers, and recording with external cameras. greatly simplify.

“By making ADAS functionality easily accessible to millions of Android developers, LAVA is empowering the development of advanced automotive functionality. We believe it will be the key to shortening the cycle.” Said Nikola TeslickRT-RK CEO.

RT-RK unveils LAVA products at CES Las VegasFor more information about LAVA, please contact info@rt-rk.com and visit the Venetian Hotel.

About RT-RK

RT-RK is a premium embedded software development company in the United States. south east europe, which focuses on consumer electronics and infotainment systems. The company was founded in 1991 by him and currently employs over 500 engineers. RT-RK has a background as a nearshore development center for silicon vendors, networking, automotive and consumer electronics companies. RT-RK operates under the TTTech Group. https://www.rt-rk.com/

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