RING and Perx Partner to Revolutionize India’s Mobile-First Consumer Financing Experience

  • RING Leverages Perx to Drive Financial Inclusion Across the Community
  • Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform Deploys Intelligent Loyalty Engagement Solution to Power RING’s In-App Customer Experience Strategy

Singapore When New Delhi, January 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RING, a consumer-first digital payment app (part of ONEMi Technology Group, which launched Kissht), offers a fast, hassle-free credit solution to over 5 million customers, allowing them to spend are rethinking how people interact with digital payments and microfinance. post-pandemic era.

A modern digital payments and microfinance ecosystem is designed to meet the everyday needs of consumers. However, there is still a large void when it comes to supporting an individual’s business his ideas and lifestyle demands. The RING and Perx partnership addresses this void by deploying an advanced engagement toolkit to responsibly advance consumer lifestyle aspirations. The Perx Loyalty Engagement Platform features a variety of rewarding experiences, gamified milestones, and personalized loyalty programs that delight every customer action, ring to achieve growth targets. Increased in-app transactions, expanded acquisition initiatives, increased customer retention, and faster campaign turnarounds are some of the key performance metrics RING seeks to drive.

At the core of this partnership is the goal of maximizing customer lifetime value through a dynamic and rewarding loyalty program. Mobile His customer journey is infused with instant gratification and gamification, allowing financial apps to drive and influence positive customer behavior for purpose and social good.

“The millennial audience we seek to serve is known for being digitally savvy and in need of instant gratification. aims to maximize value and create an ecosystem where more can be used repeatedly. The partnership aims to tackle fun and continuously enhance our consumer engagement strategy. Creative and meaningful in-app engagement not only drives Ring’s growth, but delights everyone. We believe that retaining customers and encouraging them to stay engaged through consistent rewards and incentives is essential to increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.” callan meterco-founder and CTO of Ring.

“In the experience economy, creative content and business model innovation are key to competitive differentiation for your business. Combining Perx’s leading loyalty engagement platform with proven and tested relevant business use cases This allows brands to transform and drive customer brand health and business goals.The millions of people who use Ring drive these meaningful engagements, making the customer journey fun and meaningful. We are thrilled to continue to grow and inspire our customers to come back for more.” Anna GongFounder and CEO of Perx Technologies.

The RING-Perx partnership aims to improve the overall customer experience on the app, which is critical to RING’s business goal of building a strong customer base. The loyalty program and satisfaction will be rolled out in phases over the next six months. Perx expands into the Indian market with this partnership. RING is our first client in India. India.

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