Revolutionizing the Opera? Mystic Side Opera Co. Announces Plans for Application Technology Innovations

Mystic Side Opera uses advanced AI, AR, and robotics to bridge high tech and high culture, propelling 400-year-old art into the future while providing audiences with an unforgettable experience and giving artists a new perspective. bring opportunity.

Malden, MA, February 17, 2023 ( – Mystic Side Opera Company, a non-profit organization located outside of Boston in Malden, Massachusetts, is redefining what opera is possible by using technology to enhance the immersive experience for audiences. With a vision of bridging high tech and high culture, they partner with companies specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics to create visually appealing and emotionally engaging works. I am creating

General Director Gene Sticca believes that opera is the perfect art form for this kind of innovation. “Opera has a legacy of magnificent spectacle and emotive music,” he says. “We’re taking that legacy and using technology to create an even more immersive experience for our audience.” The production is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Imagine holographic images dancing around performers and robots traversing the stage, transporting you to another world where scents and sounds come to life around you. A perfect blend of high tech and high culture. The vision of Mystic Side Opera goes beyond opera. They are also looking to extend their innovations to other performing arts such as theater and dance.

Mystic Side Opera Company is a well-positioned Dirk company with a vision for the future of opera and the performing arts and plans to capture up to 70% of the billion-dollar US opera market over the next decade. It’s a home company. The company sees its innovations as improving the audience experience, expanding into other performing arts, and creating jobs and opportunities to help future-proof the industry from the impacts of events such as his Covid-19 pandemic. increase. “We are excited about the future of opera and how application technology can be used to create truly immersive and engaging experiences. to invest in the arts and provide opportunities for artists to build their careers,” said Sticca.

Initial funding for Mystic Side Opera was derived from private philanthropic investments, donations and grants from public agencies in Massachusetts. While the company aims to grow, Sticca wants to ensure that investors are aligned with the company’s non-profit goals. It was part of a larger innovation. ”

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