Retro-Style Game Controllers : NYXI

NYXI Gaming has debuted the ‘Gamecube Wavebird’, a nostalgic, retro-style controller designed for the latest Nintendo Switch. “The Wizard” has an ergonomic design and can be customized for different genres of Switch. Additionally, the controller offers turbo and mapping choices, along with replacement joysticks, to better match the player’s gameplay.

“The Wizard” also features a Hall effect joystick that uses a magnet that moves against an electrical conductor, freeing players from stick drift issues. In appearance, it resembles the old GameCube his controller, opting for a sleek purple case and multi-colored buttons in green, grey, red and yellow.

NYXI’s Wizard Controller retails for US$70 and is available online through the brand’s website.

Image credit: NYXI, hypebeast, nyxigaming

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