Retired NYPD sergeant still seeking justice

Marchisotto said that if one judge considers his case, it could persuade the rest of the court to participate.

JACKSON, N.J., January 24, 2023 ( – For years, the retired NYPD sergeant has been searching for justice, in what he describes as a corrupt justice system filled with judges only interested in hiding each other’s backs. .

“I’m retired from the New York City Police Department. I know what justice is, what fair treatment is. I’ve been with them for a long time, so I know what the courts are supposed to do.” “I’m not getting a fair deal, and it’s horrifying to think how many people are neglected, abused and denied justice,” said John Multisot. , is a big reason why I’ve been following this case for so long.Somebody has to expose the corruption in the system.”

Marchisotto’s journey began a few years ago when his father passed away. His father’s estate was acquired by an estate executor and lawyer during the last months of Mr. Marzott’s life. John filed the first lawsuit to get the court to understand how he and his children were defrauded of their legitimate inheritance.

“I never thought this would blow up so badly in front of me. My house was raided by New Jersey law enforcement. It scared my kids,” he said. . “I was unfairly investigated. They tried to turn my life into a living hell in the hope that I would drop the matter and leave quietly.”

His quest for justice revealed that the New Jersey court system has a strong prejudice against those who represent themselves. It’s the language we use when talking about litigation.

All his attempts to get a solution were blocked or denied. Lawyers rejected his lawsuit. This only cemented the former Attorney General’s resolve.

“Even though I am a former NYPD Police Sergeant, the judge showed me no respect. Instead, after I filed numerous federal lawsuits against the judge seeking justice, I “They lied about me,” he said. What are you doing to people who don’t understand how it should work?”

His latest attempt to seek relief is a ruling filed with the U.S. Supreme Court. The Latin phrase means a judicial court. That’s all Marchisotto asks for in this document.

“If the Supreme Court looks into this, I believe they will see corruption and corruption. The Supreme Court has the power and authority to correct lower courts,” he said.

He said a successful petition to the Supreme Court is something few people can achieve.

“Few lawyers succeed in taking cases to the country’s highest court because it is financially insane to have to keep paying lawyers. Most fail and pursue appeals.” I keep paying lawyers to do that,” he said. “I don’t have a lawyer. I do this and cover all costs.”

The Supreme Court accepts some of the petitions filed each year. Individual judges may receive petitions and consider them without making a formal decision. Marchisotto said that if one judge considers his case, he may persuade the rest of the court to participate.

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