Report hints at Micro LED display coming to 2024 Apple Watch

Earlier this month, analyst Jeff Pu reported that Apple plans to include Micro OLED display technology in at least one Apple Watch model by 2024. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman backs up the reports by saying that Apple is developing new Apple Watch models with brighter Micro LED displays.

The 2024 Apple Watch will have a micro OLED display

According to Gurman, Apple is preparing to replace the display in its “best-of-breed Apple Watch” by the end of 2024. The new display is based on Micro LED technology with the same advantages as OLED but with higher brightness levels. and brighter colors.

A person familiar with the matter also said bloomberg The new display will allow users to view content at better angles, making everything appear “drawn on glass” compared to current Apple Watch models. Gurman hasn’t specified whether only the Apple Watch Ultra or only the stainless steel model of the 2024 Apple Watch will get the new Micro LED display.

But what’s most interesting about today’s report is that Apple claims it plans to use its own displays in its mobile devices in order to reduce its reliance on partners like Samsung and LG. . The move comes as Apple also plans to do away with other partners such as Qualcomm and Broadcom for cellular modems, Bluetooth chips and Wi-Fi chips.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple plans to start using its own custom displays on mobile devices as early as 2024.

Previous rumors have already suggested that Apple is working to include Micro LED displays in some of its products in the future. This makes the Apple Watch an ideal first product with such a display panel. After all, the Apple Watch was also his first Apple device with an OLED display.

Reliable analyst Ross Young also recently reported that a Micro LED display could be coming to the Apple Watch in the near future. However, Young believes the technology won’t be ready until 2025.

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