Report: Apple selling MLS ad spots for US$4m in overhauled sponsorship strategy

  • ‘Gold’ tier about $4 million, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ packages $3 million and $1.5 million
  • Apple initially won’t accept ads from sports betting companies

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s broadcast partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) will allow the tech giant to ditch a lot of traditional TV advertising practices.

A 10-year, US$2.5 billion partnership with iPhone maker MLS will begin in the 2023 season, with all games offered through the league’s new exclusive subscription streaming service called MLS Season Pass, available exclusively through the Apple TV app will be Fox will be the only domestic linear TV broadcaster among its North American competitors.

Ahead of MLS’ first season, which starts on the 25thth In February, Apple was reportedly not looking for individual ad buyers during the game. Instead, the company wants potential media his partners to commit to a series of in-season spots that run during the games.

Apple also allegedly doesn’t guarantee that advertisers can reach a certain number of viewers, which is usually standard practice on TV. Bloomberg adds that Apple initially isn’t interested in advertising from sports betting companies, but credit he does accept offers from categories such as cards, alcohol and car rentals.

MLS’ ads are reportedly sold as three different packages. The most expensive, ‘Gold’, costs around US$4 million per season and includes integrations such as playoffs and ‘Player of the Match’ sponsorship. Annual costs for the “Silver” and “Bronze” packages are approximately $3 million and $1.5 million.

The US TV advertising market is estimated to be worth US$68 billion.

Sports pro says…

Given its size and scope, Apple is in a strong position to score a shot at the MLS ad spot. Still, the company doesn’t want the league to become a financial black hole, and the reported terms offered here are deemed suitable for the company’s streaming his platform.

MLS doesn’t command huge ratings in the US, but its viewership is growing. The 2022 season saw Disney-owned ABC and ESPN hit their highest viewership numbers since his 2007, while the MLS Cup was his most-watched edition of the championship game in 25 years. The momentum is good news for Apple on the advertising front.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s advertising division currently makes about $4 billion in revenue annually, and the company aims to grow that to more than $10 billion. Sports can play an important role here, given their ability to attract new subscribers.

However, having lost the out-of-market package of the National Football League (NFL)’s Sunday Ticket to Google-owned YouTube TV, Apple will have to beef up its rights portfolio. Since then, Apple has been involved in bidding for the domestic broadcast rights to English football’s Premier League.

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