RedMagic 8 Pro teased as a premium Android device with a radical design overhaul on launch date announcement

RedMagic has updated the UDC-equipped 7 and 7S Pro with a leaner yet much sharper and cleaner design compared to many of the previous generations. However, the resulting “gamer iPhone without a notch” effect was somewhat compromised by the rear-facing camera hump typical of lower-tier smartphones. However, it would be an understatement to say that the brand may have fixed this with the upcoming 8th generation.

Nubia’s performance-focused brand has revealed that it took clear inspiration from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (and possibly the S23 Ultra) to machine the 8 Pro’s rear camera into an individual cutout. still sits in the center of a slim, flat-edged chassis, likely reflecting the classic Android smartphone design.

RedMagic also revealed that the 8 Pro will be the first mobile device to ship in its latest branding campaign. It still consists of a newly reworked version of the company’s mask-like logo, with an updated font and color scheme.

with this “aesthetic evolution“, RedMagic declared that the 8 Pro is no longer ‘just for esports’. Nevertheless, with an almost certain upgrade to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which retains visible active cooling in its characteristic transparent variant, his smartphone will be a premium from its launch on December 26, 2022, on any We are planning to add functionality.

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