Red Apple students strive to break world record and collect 6,500 boxes of cereal

RACINE — Students at the Red Apple Elementary School at 914 Saint Patrick St. are racing to break the world record for cereal box dominoes and collect 6,500 boxes of cereal for their local pantry.

Through February 1st, you can send or drop off cereal donations at Red Apple Elementary School. Can I deposit my donations with the school? Cereal can also be brought to Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly at 5201 Washington Avenue. You only need a regular size box of cereal. The school also has an Amazon wish list.

In the 2020-21 school year, the school collected 2,300,000 boxes of cereal. The donations were then donated to community organizations and distributed to those in need.

The idea for the project came from the student’s parents.

Tricia Howard, School Counselor at Red Apple, said:

The collection event is sponsored by the Red Apple Student Council and Student Leaders, overseen by educators Susanne Kelly-Johnson and Tricia Howard.

credit: RUSD
credit: RUSD

2023 event

The tradition continues this year and with great purpose.

“Our students learned a lot through projects that cut across academic and social-emotional skills, such as communication skills, collaboration, teamwork, planning, generosity, and leadership,” Howard said. says. “We are a proud STEAM school and many of our projects align with these learning goals.”

Students will attempt to break the world record on Friday, February 3rd.

Before donating the cereal to the local food pantry, students set up boxes in a giant domino chain that stretches throughout the school.

The top three grades with the most donations will push the first box, set the design, and celebrate with a finale.

red apple cereal box domino

More information about the school can be found online.

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