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LONDON, UK 13 March 2023 (Issuewire.com) – of ECOM21 Set meeting and date April 12 and The 13th This year it will be held in Riga, Latvia.as a major international gathering for Fintech and e-commerce sector, ECOM21 It aims to facilitate the development of next-generation business and technology partnerships. With a line-up of renowned industry leaders, ECOM21 It offers attendees a unique opportunity to actively participate in and shape the dynamic landscape of digital commerce.

ECOM21 We are proud to announce our partnership with Quaz.me We help drive visionary companies that aim to raise environmental awareness and revolutionize the traditional business card model through technology integration. By doing so, Quaz.me It aims not only to protect the environment, but also to facilitate the development of valuable business connections. In honor of this collaboration, Quaz.me offers all conference attendees a free subscription that includes all features of the app.

ECOM21 2023 Agenda

ECOM21 It features a comprehensive program designed to address the practical considerations of our global partners. Based on real case studies, the conference program includes a variety of formats including keynotes, workshops, panel discussions and exhibits. Incorporating input from recognized industry experts, this program has been meticulously crafted to provide a thorough and detailed understanding of the latest advances and trends. Fintech and e-commerce industry.

of ECOM21 The conference was well respected, including Eduards Malcevs – Director of Strategic Partnerships at Httpool, Lev Bass – Co-Founder of CBDO and Huntli, Per Ekwall – Head of Customer Experience at KPMG Sweden, Gustavs Gotauts – Founder We are honored to host a roster of keynote speakers. Co-founder of Egija Gailuma-OX drive at eCOMHUB.agency, RiskSkill/AIRFA co-founder at Kevin Smith-Kevin Smith Consultations, Product at Norberts Millers-DECTA his owner.

In addition, the conference will include “Navigating the Blockchain Landscape: NFTs, Multi-Currencies, and Regulation,” “Beyond Discounting: Selling Online with a Personal Touch,” and “Marketing with Breakthrough Products.” There will be some engaging panel discussions, such as “Disrupting the

The conference will host several influential workshops, including Findanode. and Compliance Expert: “Understanding Compliance: His 10-Minute Insights with Huntli, Binance and Finchecker”. Additionally, his two additional workshops from Mastercard and Httpool are yet to be announced.

who should attend?

the future of e-commerce and Fintech It’s expanding rapidly. ECOM21 An ideal gathering for individuals who want to be at the forefront and participate in ongoing discussions on various aspects such as business operations, technology and regulatory frameworks. By bringing together the world’s top companies, ECOM21 As well as providing comprehensive education on the latest developments, e-commerce and Fintech More than just a domain, it also serves as a platform for networking and exchanging ideas with fellow business leaders in an open and collaborative atmosphere.

to get free Quaz.me For subscriptions offered at this event, please visit the official ECOM21 Visit our website at https://ecom21.com/ for more information on securing your tickets.

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