Qualcomm Will Bring Satellite Connectivity To Android With ‘Snapdragon Satellite’

Android has a history of supporting features that Apple advertises for the iPhone. Satellite connectivity in smartphones is relatively new, with Huawei and Apple leading the way.

Qualcomm now brings this feature to high-end Android phones through partnerships with satellite operator Iridium and UK-based smartphone company Bullitt. This is a very useful feature in case of an emergency in a location without mobile he coverage.

You can then use the satellite to send and receive basic messages. At least, that’s what the iPhone has offered until now.


Extending satellite connectivity to Android

This new partnership extends this useful feature to the Android ecosystem. Ultimately, manufacturers can make the final decision on whether to include features. Phone manufacturers may charge a small extra fee for this feature.

Let’s rewind a little. In 1997, Iridium launched its first satellite into Earth’s orbit to support its own satellite phone system. Iridium’s satellites fly in low Earth orbit (780 km above Earth) and cover the entire globe. These satellites can also interact with each other.

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According to Qualcomm, the new feature is called “Snapdragon Satellites” and will be built into premium chips for the foreseeable future. Once the technology is standardized, it should be readily available for all devices, high-end or otherwise.

Qualcomm brings satellite connectivity to Android

But Snapdragon Satellite has bigger ambitions. Qualcomm wants to extend satellite connectivity to tablets, laptops and even cars. beyond the scope of the emergency.

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Terrestrial connectivity is better than ever, but satellite connectivity is touted as the future. This allows people to stay connected even in areas with no coverage.

Qualcomm brings satellite connectivity to Android

It is important to note that India currently bans the use of satellite phones, so we may or may not see this feature in the future. May this much-needed feature be extended to everyone.

“Launching premium smartphones later this year, the new addition to the Snapdragon platform will enable us to offer satellite communications capabilities and services across multiple device categories.” said Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cellular Modems and Infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies.

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