PTJ Muay Thai trainer’s shock as 15 cops turn up after Apple Watch calls police

Sydney’s personal trainer was in complete shock after about 15 armed police showed up at his gym while he was teaching a client.

Muay Thai fighter and boxing trainer Jamie Alleyne, 34, works at PTJ Gladesville on the Lower North Shore and was wearing an Apple Watch (Series 7) when Siri activated and accidentally called emergency services. I called

It was about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday when a police officer said he entered the gym while Jamie was training his first client of the day.

“I heard someone come in, so I looked around and saw it was a police officer. I said, ‘Hey, can I help you?’ told

“He went in and said he got a call about the shooting.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ and I told him I hadn’t heard anything.”

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Jamie said officers walked around and asked who else was at the gym, and he said two other trainers.

“And the next minute about 15 police officers showed up, including an undercover agent, and there were several ambulances parked in front of me. am.

“They all came in and were like, ‘What’s going on?’ I answered.

“He said it was me who made the call, but I didn’t have a cell phone so it wasn’t possible.”

After the officer told him to check the dialed number, Jamie’s shock included two calls to 112, an alternate number for emergency services, and a call from the NSW ambulance to his phone and to the ambulance. I confirmed that there was a voicemail saying they received the crew and the officers. It has been shipped.

The trainer said she was wearing an Apple Watch while holding the pad for her client and that pressing the button on her wrist must have activated Siri.

“I ended up taking the watch off because it was so uncomfortable. Also, Siri kept popping up while I was yelling combos.”

Jamie shouted the combination “1-1-2” while telling his client “good shot”. That’s when Jamie and the cops realized what had happened.

“The button is on the side of the watch, and I must have yelled ‘1-1-2’ while holding it to activate Siri. Pad and I say “good shot” or “nice shot.” “

Jamie said police initially thought it was a suicide.

“They were very responsive. Their response times were amazing. Kudos for that, but thankfully nothing serious.

“I felt very sorry. One of the officers jokingly said, ‘We have to fight one of us right now.’ I laughed and said, ‘Not you, big unit. ’”

After the incident, Jamie immediately called his boss Andrew Pernum and explained what had happened.

“He thought it was funny – serious but funny. He couldn’t believe it.”

Jamie has disabled Siri.

Emergency SOS feature on Apple Watch

One way to make a Siri request is to press and hold the Digital Crown, then speak your request.

In this case, if Emergency SOS is accidentally activated and you receive a call, your Apple Watch will automatically call your local emergency services and share your location.

When the call ends, your Apple Watch will send a text message with your location to your emergency contacts unless you choose to cancel.

There are several ways to activate emergency services. One way is to press and hold the watch’s side button (the button under the digital crown) until the emergency call slider appears.

Another option is to drag the emergency call slider to initiate a call immediately. Or press and hold the side button and the watch will automatically call emergency services after the countdown.

On the other hand, if your iPhone or Apple Watch detects a serious car crash, your device can help connect you to emergency services.

Earlier this year, a 53-year-old woman suffered minor injuries after her van overturned when emergency services were called to Bringelly, southwest of Sydney.

Her Apple Watch is believed to have warned the crew of the crash.

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