PS5 sales top 32.1 million units, 7.1 million just this quarter

PS5 lifetime sales have now surpassed 32.1 million units since the console’s launch in 2020. And those 7.1 million units sold are in this most recent quarter alone. This is a major indicator that the days of Sony’s supply chain troubles are really behind.For comparison, Sony sold 7.8 million units of his PS5 in its launch quarter. bottom. That means this is Sony’s console’s biggest quarter since the console’s first few months of availability.

It also sold 7.1 million units this quarter, almost double Sony’s sales in the same quarter last year (3.9 million units). This is a big increase and probably means good things for the company. Last November, Sony said he hopes to reach the goal of selling 18 million units of his PS5 from March 31, 2022 to March 31, 2023. But now that goal seems to be within reach. As long as Sony can sell another 5.2 million consoles in the quarter through next month.

PS5 lifetime sales could reach 37 million by the end of next month

Sony’s 2022 fiscal year ends at the end of next month. So he already had a month in the quarter, and he has two more months to reach sales of 37 million units. It definitely seems doable now. Especially supply chain issues are drying up. This is all great news for Sony, but it’s also great news for consumers. Sony’s achievement of these sales targets shows just how serious the supply chain problem really is.

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In addition to Sony’s PS5 sales growth, the company also saw revenue from its gaming and network services segments grow by a combined 53% year-over-year.

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