PS2 Emulator Development Ceases Following Death Threats

The image shows the PlayStation 2 start screen loaded on an Android phone.

image: PlayStation / Kotaku / Victor Prilepa (Getty Images)

The sole developer behind AetherSX2, a PlayStation 2 emulator for Android devices, has stopped developing the app due to the ‘constant’ online impersonation, complaints, demands, and death threats they endured. announced.

“AetherSX2 has always been a fun hobby for me, not for profit. A simple post on the AetherSX2 website Announcement of discontinuation of development. “Thanks to everyone who didn’t ad*ck last year.”

prior to Ether SX2the only viable emulation option for those wanting to play PS2 games on Android devices was DamonPS2. It would be nice to have AetherSX2 as an alternative A commercial closed-source app, DamonPS2, was accused in a now-deleted post of stealing source code by the team behind the free and open-source PS2 emulator PCXS2. You can see it in the wayback machine.

leading up to the developer’s decision to cease work on AetherSX2. r/EmulatiotnonAndroid subreddit We expressed concern about the pressure AetherSX2 developers dealt with amidst the influx of user requests. In his Discord post with screenshots, his AetherSX2 developer, who goes by the handle Tahlreth, explained why he disabled his Discord channel. According to the screenshot post, the “fool” requested an emulator to work with her iOS.

Tahlreth wrote in a Discord post with screenshots:

my city We’ve reached out to Tahlreth for comment.

According to a developer post on the AetherSX2 website, people can download and use the current build of AetherSX2 “for the time being.” As a footnote, the developer has warned people to practice “good security hygiene” and not to install his Android package files from random corners of the internet.

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