Prototype Google Pixel Tablet and its dock leak on Facebook Marketplace

Get a pre-release Pixel tablet for $400

At the 2022 I/O conference, Google announced its first own-brand tablet in years, the Pixel Tablet. Due to be released in 2023, Google hasn’t revealed much about the device other than showing off some renders, but details about the specs have leaked and he could be one of the most interesting Android tablets of 2023. I believe it is possible. Rendering shows a tablet. It comes with a charging dock that looks like a nest when docked. A pre-release prototype of the Google Pixel Tablet is now available on Facebook Marketplace.


Lists found by Twitter users shrimp apple pro (via Google News) shows off a black Pixel Tablet that does a better job of hiding the front bezel than the white version Google has exclusively shown so far. The included charging dock has a white tint, and the rear housing has a mesh-like design that enhances speaker output. shows the tablet home screen. Another photo confirms that the tablet comes with up to 256GB of storage.

It’s not obvious from the photo, but the charging and speaker dock appears to use a barrel connector and comes with the 30W power adapter that Google bundles with the Nest Hub Max. Google could also launch a first-party stylus based on his USI 2.0 technology for the Pixel Tablet, but it won’t be listed on Facebook Marketplace.

It’s hard to see any other details about the Pixel Tablet from the images in the listing. As previously detailed by Google, the Pixel tablet will be powered by Tensor G2, the same chip that powers the Google Pixel 7 series. According to the leaked information, it will have a 10.95-inch display and support for Wi-Fi 6.

This isn’t the first time a Google product has been listed on Facebook Marketplace months before launch, but such listings should still be considered carefully. More details about the Pixel Tablet will be revealed soon.

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