Proprietary Frontend Systems : ayaspace 2

‘AYANEO’, a premium computer hardware and handheld PC company, has announced ‘AYASpace 2’, a full-scale upgrade of ‘AYASpace’ front-end software. AYASpace 2 is the new home page for his AYANEO suite of handheld devices, with controller navigation, small-screen navigation, and a home page layout optimized for PC gaming.

The AYASpace 2 app will automatically replace the existing AYASpace app when it releases via software update later this year. The new app gives you full control over your AYANEO device, including TDP adjustment, fan control, RGB control, and core system function control. Additionally, the app syncs with Steam, Epic Games, GoG, and other launchers to effectively organize all your games in one place.

Image credit: AYANEO

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