Productivity-Focused Tablet Accessories : type folio case

The Type Folio Case is a new accessory for the ReMarkable 2 e-paper tablet for distraction-free writing. The case has a keyboard that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, allowing users to type notes, emails, documents, etc. on the tablet’s screen.

The Type Folio case has a sleek design that matches ReMarkable 2’s minimalist aesthetic. It has a magnetic clasp that keeps your tablet secure and automatically activates when opened. The case also doubles as a stand that allows you to support your tablet at different angles. The keyboard features full-size keys with his 1.3 mm travel and backlighting for low light. The keyboard also has shortcut keys for common functions such as undo, redo, erase, and toggle writing mode.

Type Folio cases are available in black or light brown faux leather finishes. It costs $199 and can be purchased directly from Existing ReMarkable 2 owners who had a Connect subscription ($3/month) prior to March 6th, in case he can get a $50 discount.

Image credit: reMarkable

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