Productivity-Focused Mini PCs : asrock nuc box

ASRock showcased its 2023 lineup of ‘ASRock NUC Box’ mini PCs at CES 2023. ‘ Each PC in the lineup is available with either an Intel Core i5-1340P or i7-1360P for a small additional charge. The main differences between the three models are RAM speed, available storage options, and interface port availability.

Two of the more affordable options, the D4 model comes with up to 64GB of 3,200Mhz DDR4 RAM, and the D5 model comes with 4,800Mhz DDR5 RAM, giving your computer a typical operating speed. Much improved. In addition, the NUCS BOX-1300/D4 only has two HDMI 2.0B ports for video, while the two more expensive models are equipped with Display Port 1.4a, so these models have faster refresh. You can output higher resolution at rate.

Image Credit: ASRock

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