Pro-Grade Gaming Earbuds : logitech 5

Logitech has launched the first set of wireless earbuds designed for gaming. Logitech “G Fits” boast Lightform molding technology, professional LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and gaming-grade audio performance on nearly every platform. Logitech G FITS are the first earbuds to feature LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, giving gamers pro-grade connectivity, high-performance audio response, reliable connectivity, and long battery life.

“This is the industry’s first custom-fit earbuds for gaming,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming. “At the touch of a button, our His Lightform technology gives you a perfect fit bud in your ear. Pair this with the LIGHTSPEED wireless dongle for wireless His earbuds with true gaming-grade performance. Offers.”

Image Credit: Logitech

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