Privacy-Focused Uber Features : Industry-First Privacy Features

In light of Data Privacy Week, Uber and Uber Eats have introduced important features to their apps aimed at increasing transparency and giving consumers peace of mind. Called “View as Driver” and “View as Courier,” this feature allows users to see exactly what personal information drivers or couriers have access to on the Uber platform.

This view includes details such as the customer’s first and last initials, shipping address, and customer notes. However, we have also confirmed that Uber never displays certain information (such as payment methods, phone numbers, ratings, last names, etc.) to drivers and delivery personnel.

This feature is especially important for consumers, as drivers and couriers often meet customers at their doorstep. Most interactions are positive, but sometimes consumers want to see information displayed to drivers and delivery personnel. By allowing users to see what information they have access to, Uber increases transparency and gives consumers peace of mind when using our services.

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