Prior Lake-Based Pool Company Banned From Doing Business In MN

PRIOR LAKE, Minnesota — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said on Friday, Default Judgment in Scott County District Court Against Prior Lake-based pools in a deceptive pool construction scheme.

Workman defrauded more than a dozen Minnesota families out of $1.1 million before fleeing the state, according to Ellison’s office.

A court ruling has permanently banned Charlie Workman and his company, MN Crete Pools, from the Minnesota homebuilding industry. Workman and his company must pay $1.1 million in damages and his $1.1 million civil penalties.

“Workman has turned people’s dreams of having a pool their family can enjoy into a nightmare,” Ellison said in a news release.

“He lied to them every step of the way, made them pay upfront, disappeared with their money without providing the promised pool. Let the contractors be warned, I do not condone this kind of looting.”

The Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit against Workman in August 2022. Ellison said MN Crete Pools used a deceptive sales model to lure consumers into signing expensive pool installation contracts.

According to the lawsuit, Workman obtained business by misrepresenting consumers that his company had vacancies to build one more pool and falsely promising to start.

Workman also claimed to complete the project on a much faster timeline than its competitors, Ellison said.

According to the lawsuit, Workman also defrauded consumers into prepaying for pool equipment and pool installation services that it failed to provide or complete.

Ellison said that when consumers contacted Workman about the progress of the project, he offered all sorts of false excuses, including:

  • his employee was sick
  • he submitted the permit incorrectly
  • road regulation
  • mechanical problem

Workman admitted to several consumers that they had missed their contract deadlines and promised to refund them, but never did. Ultimately, out of $1.1 million, Workman scammed more than 10 Minnesota families before fleeing Minnesota.

“I would like to thank my family for tricking Mr. Workman into contacting my office. This outcome was made possible because they shared their story with us,” Ellison continued.

“If you’ve been cheated by a contractor, don’t be shy and stay silent. My office and I will continue to hold the unscrupulous contractor accountable.”

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