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Radical Logix is ​​an innovation-driven, cloud-based school ERP software that provides all the tools schools need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, January 10, 2023 ( logic innovation driven, cloud-based school ERP software serve your school
It has all the tools you need to run efficiently and effectively.
It gives you complete control over how your school works and what it does.
Concentrate on performing successful operations.
Radical Logix is ​​built on a solid foundation of features and capabilities.Easy to use and flexible
and adaptive. We have everything you need to run your school successfully.

Some important stats about Radical Logix

● Over 500 schools
● 17+ states across India
● 70,000 students
● Over 40000 teachers

Benefits of Using ERP Software for Schools

School ERP software helps schools manage school-wide operations. Provides a single platform on which all departments can work.

Below are some of the benefits of using ERP software for schools.

Reduce operating costs: A school’s ERP software can help reduce operating costs.
Consolidate data and eliminate redundant processes. It also helps you get your tasks done faster and more efficiently. Additionally, with the software,
By focusing on core business activities, you can improve productivity and efficiency.

real time update: Access real-time data and information using your ERP system.this
You can make informed decisions that help your school run more efficiently.

process automation: An ERP system streamlines processes, automates tasks, and puts them into action.
It’s smoother and reduces operating costs.For example, her ERP software at school is
Used for student scheduling, payroll management, and financial reporting.

Key Features of School ERP

A school ERP is an integrated system that manages all school processes within a school. It is designed to provide an end-to-end solution that organizes the entire school operation. Below are some of the main features of ERP.

Admission control
A school’s ERP helps manage the admissions process and student records.this too
Collect data, track attendance, and generate reports for the admissions process
About various aspects of school.

Exam management
An ERP can help you manage your exams efficiently. For example, you can create reports.
Review test results, track absentees and absentees
Long term from the institution.

Hostel management
The hostel management module is the core functionality of ERP.It provides facilities for a hostel
An owner who manages all operations. From room reservation to student check-in and check-out,
This module supports all aspects of hostel management.

Library management

A library management system is used to maintain a list of books available to each student in the library. This can be done by creating a separate list for each student with details such as book title, author and publisher. The system should also have the ability for students to mark their books so they know how many they already have. them at any time.

And so many features.

Why Choose Radical Logix School ERP Software
●We promise perfect customer support.
● Our ERP has a user-friendly interface.
●With customization function.

● You have an SSL-protected connection.

in conclusion
I couldn’t be happier with the results. The software works as’s simple
Our school community loves it.This is what Radical Logix
School ERP is the right choice for your school.

media contact

radical logic

Office No 16, 7th Floor, The I-Thum, Plot A-40, Sector 62

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