Pre-Registration Is Now Open For The Brotato Android Version, So Get Ready!

Brotato Android, a starchy top-down shooter, is closing soon and pre-registration is open now. Brotato: Premium is his Android port of the popular shooter that made its name on his PC in September 2022.

In this game, you take the role of Brotart, an intelligent potato and the only one of his people with the skill to wield six weapons at once.

potato space horror, you don’t hear it every day

Brotato is on a spaceship that crashes on an alien planet, leaving only the hero to survive. Unfortunately, that world is inhabited by all sorts of nasty alien creatures, who are thirsty for carbohydrates. You must mow down wave after wave of monsters.

In the vein of Vampire Survivors, Brotato autofires by default, but making it an option takes him a little further away from the clone horde. If you want to aim your weapon manually, you can do that.

so many options

The game is roguelite, runs last about 30 minutes, and random chance decides a good chunk of your future. There are hundreds of different weapons and items, some more serious than others. There are also various character traits that can make a big difference to your running success.

On top of all this, Brotato: Premium comes with an array of accessibility options that allow you to fine-tune the difficulty to your liking. This is useful if you don’t like stressful experiences.

You can expect to see fun, silly, and pretty violent times as tubers with guns in the near future.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea, or, more appropriately, your cup of potato soup, you can pre-register now via Google Play.

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