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Developer and Publisher XD gamesplatform fighter game flash party will release on Android in early January and into Steam Early Access on January 9, 2023. Originally released on iOS, the game is migrating to the new platform alongside new updates.

All versions will receive a massive content update in response to community requests called the Stardust Warriors Update. The update split the hero into his four different classes, each with their own fighting style. Changes to the skill seal system will expand the variety of battles.

This update also introduces several new modes. The “Party Royale” mode is a 10-player Battle Royale where environmental hazards pose additional dangers to players. The last remaining he one at the end of the round is the winner.

Alter Verse Challenge, a mode focused on the PVE platform, is also in the works, but details are sparse and there’s no clear promise that it will be implemented in an update.

Inspired by titles such as Brawlhalla When super smash bros, flash party is a side-scrolling action combo platformer featuring many cute and quirky characters. The purpose of a fight is generally to push your opponent out of the arena. This is done by hitting them to gain momentum.

flash party is now available on iOS, announced for release on Android, and on PC via Steam Early Access.

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