Plant Adventure Release Date Is Here And It Has Strong Cookie Run Kingdom Vibes

The release date for the captivating RPG Plant Adventure has arrived on Google Play and you can play it now for free.

A sad yet cute strategy RPG where you gather colorful plant people to fight evil.

kingdom in trouble

The stage is Flora Kingdom, which boasts the most prosperity on the continent. Creatures with plant-like characteristics make up the population. Everything is going well until an evil spore appears.

This malevolent influence corrupts the Temple of Life and begins to destroy the kingdom and hand over its inhabitants to the dark side. Bad bugs are everywhere, mold rots the surviving plant people, and the more you think about it, the more terrifying it is.

Luckily, a band of five heroes show up to confront the evil spores and save Flora.

seeds and swordsmanship

Grow your hero’s garden and keep your enemies from eating your vegetables while sending your party into waves of monsters and harnessing their unique skills to propel you forward. Knowing where to place them in a formation also affects their effectiveness.

The character has an unusually small design and is involved in many inter-party banters between and throughout stages.

In addition to the RPG part, rebuild a destroyed village in chaos and get stuck building a town with the help of resources.

In addition, there is also multiplayer cooperation in the form of guilds. Fellow guilds can fight alongside his members and level up his guild tree as a team. You can fight enemies together or have fun with your friends.

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