Photographer Parabolic Microphones : Dodotronic Hi-Sound Compact

The Dodotronic Hi-Sound Compact Parabolic Microphone is an advanced piece of equipment that helps videographers capture immersive audio from any environment. The unit utilizes the brand’s Hi-Sound DR stereo parabolic model design, but can be attached to existing photographic equipment. This allows users to zoom in on objects and environments with the camera, capturing situational sounds that would otherwise be unheard.

The Dodotronic Hi-Sound Compact Parabolic Microphone will be launched as part of a Kickstarter campaign where videographers can purchase from €200. The device initially weighs 300 grams, making it suitable for comfortably placing it on the camera or moving it between locations. This unit also works with the included windshield.

Image Credit: Dodotronic

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